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Splinterlands Bot

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Automate Splinterlands With A Bot & Earn Passive Crypto

Splinterlands is a highly popular, online multi-player strategy game that has taken the world by storm. Players from all over the globe battle it out in this fantasy-based card game and could now use an automated Splinterlands bot to help them with their gameplay!

The Splinterlands bot is designed to track your performance and help you make better decisions during battles. It can analyze data from recent games and provide valuable insights into strategies used by other players. Additionally, it can suggest cards for you to include in your deck, as well as alerting you when new cards become available for purchase. With its advanced algorithms, the Splinterlands bot is sure to be a great asset for any player looking to take their game up a notch!

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  • Multiple accounts fighting in parallel (Multithreading)
  • Super fast lightning mode that will barely use any CPU or RAM
  • Smart Team Selection - the bot will chose cards with best win rate
  • The bot will play for the quests, including sneak and snipe (can be disabled)
  • Minimum Energy Capture Rate - the bot will pause automatically if the energy capture rate is below a specified percentage
  • Option to enable/disable automatic quest reward chest opening
  • And much more

How to install on Windows PC:

Download the Bot.zip with the button below and start the “Bot.exe” file to start setting up the bot. After that you simply follow the instructions in the setup to set the bot up how you like it. Enjoy and lets make some profits!!